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              Series Two
  Bouncing Off Shadows

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                                beginning with 
              When History Whispers

As for shock and intrigue,  the tale of When History Whispers will come as quite a revelation, with never before disclosed information or explanation by any conspiracy theory.   It is an explanation of the assassination of the American President,  JFK, revealing who was the actual shooter of the fatal bullet that destroyed his head.  It tells how it had been rehearsed on a real-life scale, over and over, at one of the secret military bases and the specially developed projectile that was used.  It explains how it was done without the knowledge of any of the other suspects that may have been involved in a conspiracy.  Involved was a patriotic, covert and super secret military agent with a security clearance higher than the President himself.  It highlights the revolutionary equipment that he used, and reveals the actual position and location that he used in the Dealy Plazza area on the day.  It explains how he was able to escape the scene undiscovered, and how he lived the rest of his life without ever confiding his involvement in the mission to another living soul.   
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All or Nothing is another dark tale concerning violence that leads a man to decide that he has had enough and he is going to commit suicide.  He has had everything taken from him - family, job, health and prospects, even his motor car, all because of a vicious and spiteful crime lord.  He decides that he will still commit suicide, but he will make sure that he kills his antagonist in the act.  He devises a very clever and cunning plan that will allow him to be successful in his efforts.  There is only one fleeting moment when he questions what he is doing, and has him questioning his resolve, and has him distracted.  What does the crime lord feel when he realizes that he is going to die?  A great thriller, with lots of Vincent Tarantino like violence.  
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Tackling Depression is an honest account of one man's experience falling into a deep, negative depression.  But then he eventually stumbles onto the key that will help him arrest and eventually stabilize the disorder and render it controllable and manageable enough to bounce back and resume a happy, healthy and productive life.  But it was no easy journey by any means, to say the least.  It could only be done by committing to a program and sticking to it religiously.  It is certainly no magic pill or overnight cure,  but for those who need to fight depression, they may very well see sense and guidance in the book,  Tackling Depression, the curse of the black dog.  
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Below is song written by the author describing the initial emergence from depression, and wanting it to wash away!

I wish it would Rain - Unknown Artist
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But What If? - 'Anything you can do'

This is a very dark comedy about revenge and payback.  A psychopathic murderer and torturer unknowingly oversteps the mark when he decides that he is going to rob and torture a mild mannered supermarket manager whom he thinks will be a pushover.  Unfortunately the manager is related to a well-known business figure with extremely heavy connections.  When the psychopath does strike, he does so thinking that his plan will be as straightforward as it usually is when he abducts and tortures other criminals for the money that they have stolen, or the drugs that they are selling.  In the criminal underworld this sort of character is called a taxman.  They are the most despicable of criminals and are usually friendless, apart from the sycophants that assist them in their gruesome trade.  But in all reality, no matter how crazy, brave or simply ruthless he is, it appears that plans are afoot to end his reign,  prompting the question, is justice but another form of revenge?


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I Really Don't Know!

When a sixty-year-old man is found washed up on sea rocks and he is badly injured, help is called for.  When he eventually regains consciousness he is shocked to realize that he is suffering from amnesia.  He cannot remember a single detail about himself or his identity, even though he has plenty of memories about different things and events, but absolutely no recall as to who he is.  He cannot remember how he came to be on the small island off the coast of the Philippines, and nobody, including the authorities, can even hazard a guess as to how he had come to arrive in such a poor state.  He is looked after by an Australian gold mine manager whose business is back on the mainland.  He has allowed the stranger to use his guest cottage until such time as his guest may recover.  The condition appears to be permanent and three years or so pass, with the stranger living under an adopted name, Tim, given to him by his benefactor.  One thing is quit obvious, and that is that Tim is quite an enigma who appears to be incredibly well-informed on so many levels and his intelligence is quite startling.  A major discovery eventuates, raising new interest in Tim by the authorities and everybody else in the small island community.  Will the discovery mean that Tim may be identified and have to deal with the uncertainty of everything? 

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The Decline

This is a tale of the utter havoc and fear that prevailed over the local community, predominantly in the Falls Road and Shankil Road areas of Northern Belfast, Ireland, in the mid nineteen- eighties.  Things had gone from festering into an outright killing spree, perpetrated against mostly innocent men on both sides of the intensifying sectarian violence.  Dozens of men were falsely accused of being informers, but any weak excuse would justify many of the killings that were ordered by paramilitary overseers in the community, simply to flex their muscles and to instill fear.  People lost heart, people lost hope, people lost loved ones, and people lost their religion.  This tale is told about a local Catholic priest who was so demoralized by the constant parade of funerals that he had to preside over, that he was never seen to smile, as joy was a very rare emotion for him and it became too hard for him to even try.  He recalls a strange friendship that developed between himself and a British Security Forces Commander, a man to whom he was normally diametrically opposed.  He talks about a period of less than a year, and having an experience that he will remember for a lifetime.    

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One Hour To Eternity.

This tale is an indictment upon our past judicial system.  It tells of a man who has been found guilty of murder during a robbery.  However, there is too much ambiguity as to the finding and an unravelling of the true evidence may not be achieved before his execution.  Highlighting the detailed procedure and specific rules and regulations concerning an execution.  There have been at least three innocent men hanged by the State from 1950-1967.  Timothy Evans, George Bennett, and Derek Bentley.  All given posthumous pardons, but what good are they to the innocent victims, Three lives were at least were taken and unjustly through miscarriages of Justice.

Was this case another example of a major miscarriage of Justice!  


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Timothy John Evans.
Wrongfully Executed 1951.  Later pardoned.
George Kelly.
Wrongfully Executed 1950.  Later pardoned.
Derek Bentley.
Wrongfully Executed 1953. Later pardoned.
 Albert Pierrepoint.
 Chief executioner  
with 460 hangings   to his credit.
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One Hour To Eternity

 By H. K. Mayfield

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Suicide Required.  Is a tale about Politics, Drugs, and Safe Robbers.  It involves a political cat and mouse game that highlights the lengths and ridiculous collusion of political sanitation and hypocrisy that has to be played out.  A young man's mistake leads to an incredible disclosure regarding the activities of a foreign Embassy that is situated in the suburb of Yarralumla.  Less than a kilometre across from Parliament House.  He finds himself in dire trouble and is prepared to divulge information that will set the Government and security forces to attention.  He is desperate to secure protection and political asylum, and the information that he has to offer should well warrant such a compromise.  What is revealed require the Government to take part in a political subterfuge, as the only solution to the problem means that they cannot appear to be involved or to condone any illegal activity on their behalf.  But a solution has to be had!

                                        At a special introductory price of only  $7.95 
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5.  Tackling Depression

6.  But What If?

7.  When History Whispers?

8.  A Method to the Madness

9.  Dacka

10. One Hour To Eternity

11.  They Call It Polo?

12.  All Or Nothing

13.  Suicide Required                      












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