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Ideal for sending a present to somebody.
For over-delivery efforts and to add a little fun or spice on our behalf.  We will include some unknown and unexpected book bonuses and book posters, or some of our narrated story music tracks with some random purchases.  Try your luck!  
     Don't miss out on it.!  The shocking and terrifying tale of The Bully Hunter.  A story rarely grabs the attention and affects the general public so noticeably when it is made known to us. 
                        Such as The Silence of the Lambs, by Thomas Harris. 
            And The Exorcist, by Peter Blatty.  TheBully Hunter is such a tale.
What the Exorcist does to Christians... The Bully Hunter does to paedophiles! 
           Listen to an example on the stories short intro grab page.  
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Coming Soon!

 The Cry Baby
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All of the Visual Feast Publishing story Screenrights & Television rights are available for purchase, as are the commercial radio broadcasting rights.  Please feel free to contact us!
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