Welcome to the Cool Retro page.

Here is where you can listen to the popular radio-friendly album entitled Cool Retro. Written and performed by
HK Mayfield, on RCB Australia. Some of these tracks are used as the soundtracks for a number of the narrated stories published by Visual Feast Publishing.  You can purchase the album from any online digital music store.                               
                             Please enjoy your listening! 

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The Bonus track Mona Lisa is a tribute rendition to Mr Nat King Cole, and Mr Nelson Riddle.  Retaining the original arrangement and key.  Written by Livingston and Evans.  Listen,  (Do you want to know a secret) Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney is a cover tribute arrangement to the Beatles.  With substituted lyrics by HK Mayfield.  
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Just to keep it in the family.  Here are some bonus tracks from Pabs Mayfield.  HK's Son.  From his debut album Leave Me Alone!
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