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Narrated Stories for quiet times.  Travelling boring highways. 
                               Or just plain old fishing breaks!
Time won't wait.
Realistic crime thriller fiction at its best!

                        Talking book examples with British narration!
                                 No need to wait. Electronic download.
                                 Guaranteed free of germs and viruses.
                                            Including the Coronavirus!       

                      The latest form of short storytelling!
                 The Bouncing Off Shadows  Radio Show!
                        Back to the future... Only Better!

Excellent short stories for easy listening, and for the convenience of those with reading disadvantages!  Lay back and close your eyes!  With or without headphones!  In Bed!  Travelling!  Anywhere!
Each story runs for the approximate time of a cinema movie.
Plus, All of the stories are in MP3 format.  

Here are some short introductions.
But,  What If I can?
$7.95 Aus
When History Whispers
$7.95 Aus
The Decline
$7.95 Aus
All Or  Nothing

$7.95 Aus

A Method to the Madness
$7.95 Aus
Suicide Required
$5.95 Aus
Heroes Or Villains?
$7.95 Aus
The Ape, Me, and the Pig up a Tree
$5.95 Aus
A Fair Fight.  Remember!
$5.95 Aus
The Owl and the Pussycat
4 Hours Listening
$12.95 Aus
The next two stories are highly recommended.
The Bully Hunter
The Essex Boys & Mr X
Unlike any other story you may have
        heard before.  Guaranteed!                                                
The Essex Boys.  Range Rover murders
British narrated Audio version with soundtrack!
British narrated Audio version with soundtrack!
10 Hours Listening
$17.95 Aus
 4 hour & Listening
   4.95 GBP
Cheaper than a McDonald's meal.  Plus, it stays with you a lot longer.  Reabsorb it time and time again!
Plus, all our prices are in Australian dollars.  About half the worth of the American dollar.   About one-third of an English pound.  How cheap is that?
Except for The Essex Boys & Mr X.  That is in British Pounds.
The Essex Boys & Mr X.  Text version.                             Word Doc.  
$4.95 GBP
Or, Save$... Save$... Save$?

As a special offer discount!  You can purchase the Bouncing Off Shadows. Six of the Best! British narrated crime thriller, Boxed Set of realistic crime fiction short stories!  For a massive discount.  Only $17.95.  If purchased individually the cost would be over $48.00.

Stories Include:

All Or Nothing?  A Method to the Madness!  But what If I Can Do?  Suicide Required!  When History Whispers?  The Decline!  Six stories.  Six hours of listening!    

Boxed Set Bouncing Off Shadows! .png
All or Nothing cover hardbackstanding2le
A Method to the Madness book. hardcoverj
2d ecover_Suicide Required .jpg
When History Whispers cover hardbackstan
The Decline cover  hardbackstanding2left

Only  $17.95 Aus  About GBP 8.00

 Narrated Intro!
     Press Here!

00:00 / 00:55
Or!  If you can handle gruesome and graphic violence that can make your toes curl?  Brutal.  Unforgiving.  Deadly!  Then why not try the Three Kings collection.  The Bully Hunter.  The Owl and the Pussycat!  And The Rettendon Murders!  Sixteen hours of narrated stories.  For a low introductory price of just  $14.95. GBP.  For the first 100 Buyers!  Then the price will rise to  $25.95. GBP.
Talk about fright nights!  Hoo-Hee!  Each is a killer of a thriller!
The Bully Hunter cover hardbackstanding2
Laest Mr X cover_800x1200 (2).png
The Owl and the Pussycat Cover .png
   Yes!  At the huge discounted price of just $14.95 GBP
     Approximately eighteen hours of narrated stories.
Including the full soundtracks for the stories.
Do you happen to remember listening to radio serials, and letting your mind go to town with your own visions?  Not like a movie!                                                  Well, here we go!

 Plus, there are easy listening, feel-good stories also!      As in the following example. Do they Call it Polo?  
              We can supply stories in any accent! 
     Here is an American narration! There are easy listening, feel-good stories also!  As in the following example.  They Call it Polo?  

Catering for those with good eye-sight, or with poor or restricted equally! 

illustrate eye
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Other short narrated stories are as follows!

The Potion

$7.95 Aus


$7.95 Aus

The Treasure Detective

One Hour to Eternity

$7.95 Aus

$7.95 Aus

         And, of course!  Not forgetting the Children! 
                                The Narlee Gang! 
                  'Born, Bred, and Fed in Australia!
Full coloured, illustrated, book.    $7.95 Aus
Coming Shortly
  The Cry Baby!
2decover_The Cry Baby Two .jpg
An audio example is taken from the original screenplay!
00:00 / 09:04
       Jesus The Man!
Free 30 minute listen!

Plus!  As a sincere gift to anybody who is not feeling their best emotionally! 
Please take the time to listen to Tackling Depression!

Stay tuned in and return!
  There is more to come!

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I really Don't Know?  $7.95 Aus

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